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We are high tech company founded with the ambition to research, develop and implement innovative solutions serving for the social development.

What We Work

In-house Product


eParking - eCheck

These apps are our in-house products. We build eParking and eCheck based on iOS and Android platform as the tools for drivers and parking owners. eParking app will offer features which enable users using their time efficiently when commuting in the city. The application will let users easily find which parking lots are close to where they want to go and what information of the parking lots they need. In particular, the users can know the real-time and static on-street parking and off-street parking lots to take advantage of their mobility. We build eCheck based on computer vision and machine learning algorithms helps the owners of parking lots to manage the number of vehicles come in and come out, control data and help owners make timely decisions when operating the parking lot management. Simultaneously, the parking lots data management via eCheck will provide real-time data on the number of parking lots which are available or unavailable to eParking.

Our Partners

Some of partners we work with.

eSchool Project

We build eSchool application as a bridge contacting between parents and schools. Additionally, eSchool helps parents keep track of their child's progress through each school year. Based on the student's score data, we build algorithms to provide data analysis and data visualization that help parents and students know clearly the student's strengths and trends in specific fields, hence they can determine the most suitable career direction in the future.

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